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When VICE’s Kieran came to Amsterdam to research for an article about Johan Cruijf and watch a classic (in)famous soccer game with me (Ajax-Feyenoord), we spoke to die hard Ajax fans and people who had been childhood mates with Cruijf. Most of them we met during the match in a local bar in Betondorp. Cruijf grew up here and is still exuberantly remembered by the neighbourhood: you can’t walk through it’s streets and nót think of Cruijf as there are many landmarks like a bridge and paths named after him.

Photography by me. Text by Kieran Morris  [link to article on amuse.vice at the bottom]

After the match we went on a Betondorp-Cruijf expedition ready to capture the tangible legacy of the visionair. Finishing the day at the Cruijf foundation field where a bunch of happy campers went out of there way to prove to the camera they where all future Cruijfs.

Read Kieran’s article here and find out who else we came across in Betondorp.