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When VICE’s Kieran came to Amsterdam to research for an article about Johan Cruijf and watch a classic (in)famous soccer game with me (Ajax-Feyenoord), we spoke to die hard Ajax fans and people who had been childhood mates with Cruijf. We found most of them during the game in a local bar in Betondorp. This neighbourhood is where Johan grew up and where he is still exuberantly remembered: you can’t walk through it’s streets and nót think of Cruijf as there are many landmarks like a bridge and paths named after him.

Photography by me. Text by Kieran Morris

After the match we went on a Betondorp-Cruijf expedition ready to capture the tangible legacy of the visionair. Finishing the day at the Cruijf foundation field, were a bunch of neighbourhood kids went out of there way to prove they are the future Cruijf.

Read Kieran’s article here and find out who else we came across in Betondorp.