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In the dark, empty and at times rainy night of december the 18th I walked about 25k’s with 3FM dj’s Jorien & Rob to document their mission making lots of money for good causes by making live radio. This new ‘Serious Request’ format called Lifeline replaces the yearly ‘Glazen huis’ (Glass House) tradition. Lifeline kicked off at 3am on the central market square in Weert (Limburg) and ended 6 hours later in Geldrop.

While the first on air donation takes places in the back, these traffic controllers are checking the map once more. Making sure no-one gets lost.

Every time we passed by a town, locals supported from the sidelines.
Straight out of bed, this woman was walking her dog in the earliest of hours.

As many worstenbroodjes as the whole team can eat with as much mayo they need.
Brought and kept warm by a friendly worstenbroodjesbakker in Brabant.