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When newspaper Het Parool, the first medium to publish an interview with me about Mannen met potentie* (Men With Potential), puts a link on their FB page to an online version of the article, Parool followers and coincidental readers go insane. How is it possible that I, being a woman, am open about my fear of love with uncensored sensual pictures as proof. Some of them even showing my naked body. In bed. Laying next to a guy.

Sex or no sex, people who feel upset by seeing the pictures seem to know for sure: I’m a cheap slut and I’m only doing this for quick attention. An ‘attention whore’ someone creatively comes up with. And who do I think I am calling this art (which I never did, but hey) when the pictures are just simple snapshots and ugly. Quite some repliers predict my future too. They are sure of the fact that I will never find a guy and that I will end up alone with 30 cats and rattling ovaries.

Some of the comments are meant to sympathise with my parents. They are sorry for my mom and dad having to put up with me as their daughter. Confronting them with my sexual whereabouts and issues through national media. For the sympathisers it’s written in stone: no parent ever wishes and should never have to deal with a slut as daughter like myself.

Just for your info: it’s been some time since I read all of these comments and I didn’t have a fresh look to be more exact and truthful on exactly what has been said for this news post. So please, feel invited to find out yourself how Facebook using and Parool following Dutch people feel about women showing and speaking openly about intimacy.


*Mannen met potentie is a series of 20 self portraits showing my search for a guy on Tinder while I was heartbroken after another failed attempt to grow into a romantic relationship. I was sad, confused and above all convinced that I was never going to find love. Unless I would give it one last try on a dating app.