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This review by NRC is defo not the most positive article written about me and Mannen met potentie (Men With Potential). Though journalist Sterre van der Hee seems to be the only journalist who realises there has to be more to these series than facts about naked guys and sex. By pointing out my academic background and underlining I worked for media like VICE, Volkskrant Magazine, NRC Next a.o. Van der Hee criticises my incapability to state i.e. something about the aesthetics of the project or what I meant to communicate with it.
I did lose control over the interview in the Jinek episode as I have always struggled with (and still find it difficult) explaining my work.

Mannen met Potentie is the first project I did on my own insecurities and it turned out not to be the last one. Turning the camera on myself helps me researching the things I find difficult in life and teaches me how to deal with them.