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When newspaper Het Parool, the first medium that writes about my seriesĀ Mannen met potentie*, posts an interview with me on their FB page, Parool followers go insane. (scroll down for the FB link)

Parool followers know for sure: I’m a slut and a prostitute only after cheap attention. They find the images “ugly snapshots” and “who do I think I am anyway, saying this is art” (which I haven’t, but hey). Some predict my future: “I will never find love and will end up as a lonely old cat lady with rattling ovaries”.


They also sympathise with my mom and dad, because: “no parent should ever have to deal with a daughter like me”.

Feel invited to find out in detail how Facebook using- and Parool following Dutch people feel about women showing- and speaking openly about intimacy.

*Mannen met potentie (Men With Potential) is a series of 20 self portraits showing my search for a guy on Tinder while I was heartbroken after another failed attempt to grow into a romantic relationship. I was sad, confused and above all convinced that I was never going to find love. Unless I would give it one last try on a dating app.